Sunday, 10 July 2011

Recent articles about immigrants and refugees in Bulgaria

Recent articles about immigrants and refugees in Bulgaria (and Greece...) by the bulgarian journalist Juliana Koleva (in English).

The "Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence" website states that "Juliana will research access to justice for asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants in Bulgaria - the challenge to become legal and the impact of asylum status rejections and detentions.

Juliana will also consider the legal and political perspectives on immigration and asylum, as the country is on the point of joining the EU passport-free Schengen travel zone. She will ask if Bulgaria is failing to meet its obligations with regard to vulnerable immigrants and asylum seekers."
DIARY30 JUN 2011 / 11:04Greece: Strikes, Tear Gas and Immigration
Juliana KolevaImmigrants and refugees camp out in the capital’s squares and parks, as Greece struggles to deal with its debt crisis amid violent protests and rising anti-immigration sentiment.
14 JUN 2011 / 16:25Bulgaria’s ‘Disappeared’ Refugees
Juliana KolevaSofia says building new detention centres and tightening border controls will solve Bulgaria’s burgeoning refugee crisis – will it work?
02 JUN 2011 / 11:44Bulgaria: An Unlikely Haven for Refugees
Juliana KolevaAs Bulgaria prepares to join the European Union’s visa-free Schengen zone, the country is expecting more refugees than ever. With resources scant as it is, will Sofia cope?

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